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Learn art and have fun interacting real time

In ARTeSTUDIO we believe that art is a unique form of expression and that all of us have something to say through the different art media. We offer space and guidance so all can find themselves in art within a space of experimentation and exploration.

ARTeSTUDIO is our workplace, it is where we paint and create. We are a group of Latino artists who share the same space. We open our doors to all those who have aspirations in the plastic arts and conduct classes and special events. Our objective is to share the richness of the art world, as well as our philosophy, our way of understanding art, our creativity, and life itself in this micro-space which is a lab for searching and creating.

We speak Spanish. We believe that learning Spanish while doing artistic work is easier and a lot more fun; so, if you wish to learn or to practice your Spanish in a creative way, this too is your place.

We provide classes and events. We invite you to explore our webpage and to contact us if you have a question: artestudio.taller@gmail.com

We are waiting for you!